KNTeC’s R&D center where we study technologies for value of water and skin health

KNTeC has been internally and externally growing as a leading global premium shower head manufacturer. We have invested and focused on R&D to make cutting edge new products every year. Since its establishment in 1999, we have been developing and manufacturing water saving taps, water saving shower heads, aroma Vitamin C shower heads, kitchen sink taps and filters. We have also been networking with partners in domestic and overseas markets on infrastructure of new technologies, information, resources and research.

KNTeC’s R&D center is located in Daejeon Techno Valley. We have been continuously developing the water saving tap sector, the water saving shower head sector, filter research sector and premium design sector to consolidate competitive power in the global market. Furthermore, we developed Aroma Vitamin C filter technology for the first time in the world and the technology helps us to drive the development of new products. Based on this, we are doing our best to become a leading global premium shower head manufacturer.

aroma c spa

1. A company, which studies water and health

To combat the problems of the global water shortage, we have developed water saving equipment and shower heads. We have also developed various filter technologies to remove pollutants effectively in tap water, which occur differently depending on the place and the situations. We make different types of Aroma filter to give enjoyable and refreshing shower time to our customers.

2. Official approval from international certification institute

At KNTeC’s R&D center, there is a center for test analysis. It was founded after studying and analysing water consumption, water quality and environmental pollution; to respond to customer needs and environmental improvement. The center is the place where the water saving test, the lifespan of shower heads test, the amount and pressure of water test and the chlorine removal test are conducted. We do our best to make reliable and safe products based on an ongoing review of product performance and safety of products and technological developments.

We have acquired a certified quality management system, ISO 9001, EU‘s RoHS certification and Conformity European Marking, U.S. FDA registration of the safety of the Aroma Vitamin C filter and Korea’s eco-friendly certification. Based on these certifications, we have secured a reputation for international reliability as a leading global manufacturer of shower heads which has grown our market with domestic and overseas partners.

3. Development of the design of premium shower heads

To ensure competitiveness in the global market, we have been releasing newly designed shower heads every year and we now have more than 35 different shower heads in our range. As well as the technological aspects of the products, we also consider customers’ emotional needs when using the products and take this into account when designing our products. We have conferences on a regular basis to help to develop premium high-end shower heads to follow the global trend of design.

Based on KNTeC’s premium shower head design, we have been consistently providing our shower heads to 5-star or higher grade hotels, spas, resorts, TV home shopping and global retail distribution channels for more than 10 years. To increase our market share in the global market as a premium shower head manufacturer, we have been continuously investing in design and product development.

aroma c spa